Saturday, February 19, 2011

Internet Date

Shaina glanced down at her reflection in the knife on the table in front of her.  He hands were cupped around the highball glass in the middle of the table in front of her, and she slid her fingers over the cold, wet surface.  The girl across the table from her, Stacy, was hot; dark hair and eyes, a black corset style top that pushed her breasts up.  Shaina kept catching herself looking her them.  Suddenly shy she took a sip of her rum and coke and forced a confident smile, “I guess everyone probably says this but I haven’t.... met any one like this before.  I mean online.  I didn’t know what to expect.”
Stacy laughed playfully, “and?  What do you think?”
Shaina shrugged playfully, “well I certainly wasn’t expecting someone like you.  You are..” she didn’t have the words, “hot.  I just... I’m glad you were who showed up.  I mean....” Shaina closed her mouth and smiled, feeling a bit shy over her rambling.
Full red lips and dark eyes, sensually curving shoulders and a tattoo centered on her upper back that Shaina hadn’t seen very closely yet.  
“Me too,” Stacy smiled.  Her hand brushed against Shaina and she let it sit there.  Shaina felt electricity running through her body at the touch of the other girl.  “I mean... I feel the same, I know what you are saying.”
“Good,” Shaina laughed, “you always hear people meet all kinds online, I was worried you would be this 40 year old man trying to get me to convince his wife to have a threesome or something.”  They both laughed and Shaina traced her fingers over Stacy’s hand.  Stacy toyed with the straw in her glass with her other hand, her red nails flashed against the candle light.  She was feeling more relaxed and confident now than when they first sat down together, and she studied Stacy’s strong features.  
“Guess you were wrong,” Stacy’s green eyes glittered with laughter, “or were you...  maybe I’m the wife of the 40 year old.”
Shaina raised her eyebrows, “oh?  Well your profile said you are married.”
Stacy shrugged, “ya, but he doesn’t mind, I’m allowed to have my fun.  As long as I don’t fall in love, that’s the rule.  That’s why I posted that I was looking for no strings attached.”
Shaina smiled, “I guessed as much.”  Stacy’s hand teased against Shaina’s palm and wrist, “but it’s just you and I tonight, right?”
Stacy smiled, “he’s out of town.”  
Shaina looked Stacy over, suddenly feeling bold,  “good.  I would rather have you all to myself.”
She took one last sip of her drink as the waitress came to ask them if they would like another.  “Um, well...”
Stacy and Shaina looked at each other, “how about we head somewhere else?”  Stacy suggested.  Shaina smiled and nodded at the waitress who pulled the bill out of the pocket on her apron.
Glancing at the bill, Stacy dropped three bills onto the table and took Shaina’s hand, motioning her head toward the door.  Shaina’s heart raced and they both stood up.  
As soon as they steeped outside Stacy turned to Shaina and her hands found their way around her waist.  “I want to kiss you.”
Shaina’s lips parted and her hands pushed Stacy’s hair back as their mouths met.  Hungrily she kissed her, darting her tongue between her lips.  Shaina pulled back for a second and looked at Stacy briefly.  In a second Stacy’s lips were back on her, her hands moving from her lower back to her hips, pulling her own hips closer.  
Stacy’s lips found Shaina’s earlobe, then her neck and she lightly bit at her skin, her teeth and tongue teasing the delicate hollow of her throat.
“My apartment is a block away...” breathed Shaina, “I think I have a bottle of wine in the fridge.”
Stacy pulled back and kissed her lips again, “with less of an audience too probably,” she murmured.
Shaina looked around and laughed lightly.  A young couple was hurrying by them and a man in his mid 20s was starting, transfixed, near a car by the curb.  “Definitely.”
The two of them made it to the apartment, and Shaina kicked her shoes off into the corner.  The apartment was small and warm, a red leather couch took up most of the living room area, and a flat screen TV hung on the wall near it.    She walked into the kitchen, throwing her jacket onto a bar stool.  “I actually do have wine, do you want a glass?”
Stacy nodded and threw her jacket onto a stool as well.  She leaned against the tall counter as Shaina poured two glasses of white wine.  She handed one to her and looked her up and down.
“So...” she smiled, “your outfit is hot.  I don’t know if I told you that.” she blushed a little bit, “I mean you look hot.”
Stacy smiled and motioned to herself, “oh this?” She laughed.  The corset top met a pair of dark jeans that hugged the curve of her ass.
Shaina looked at her, pushing her long blonde hair out of her eyes.  She was a little bit taller then then Stacy, who was now barefoot.  
Shaina moved closer to her, she was wearing a simple low back back dress that hugged her waist and came to a few inches above her knees.  Shaina always showed off her legs on dates, they were smooth and tanned and she had noticed Stacy checking her out since they had been standing in the kitchen.
“I’m serious, you are so insanely hot...” Shaina breathed, unselfconsciously.  Suddenly the her lips were on Stacy’s again, hot and demanding.  Stacy’s tongue moved over her lips and her hands reached for first Shaina’s waist, then moved up until she was rubbing her palms hard against Shainas breasts.
Shaina’s nipples ached and hardened against the touch and she moaned softly.  
Shaina’s hands were all over Stacy as well, she touched her arms and shoulders, kissing and licking her softly.  Stacy melted at her touch, begging for more.  She put her hand over Shaina’s and guided her to her supple breasts.  With her free hand Shaina undid the clasps on the back of the corset one at a time.  She kissed her hard, darting her tongue into Stacy’s mouth and sucking on her lower lip as Stacy pulled down Shaina’s dress to reveal her nipples.  Shaina’s dress, fell over her shoulders around her waist and she pulled back for a second while Stacy looked over her body.  Before she could say anything Stacy’s tongue was tracing circles around her hard nipple and her hands were grabbing at the clevage.
Stacy’s mouth was on the left, then the right nipple and Shaina’s back arched against her.  She moaned softly and undid the last clapse on the corset, exposing Stacy’s tits.  
They were beautiful, full and round, with hard pink nipples.  Shaina immediately lowered her mouth to them, one, then the other.
The two women stumbled over to the red couch, Stacy pulled the dress over Shaina's hips and it slid to the floor. A white lace thong was all she was wearing now and Stacy's warm hands were all over her exposed skin.  Shaina pulled at the zipper of Stacy’s jeans and slid them down over her round hips, revealing milky soft skin and pink lace booty shorts.  She slid her hands over the other girls ass, tracing her fingers over the edge of the material where Stacy's ass was peeking out the bottom.
They had made it almost to the couch and the back of Stacys legs bumped into it causing her to lose her balance and fall onto it, pulling Shaina with her.  Stacy landed on her back on the couch and Shaina was on top of her, held up by her forearms on either side of Sacys face and one knee between Stacy's legs. Their eyes met and they both laughed. Shaina pushed a strand of dark hair out of Stacy's eyes, "you ok?" she giggled.
"Way better than ok," Stacy pulled back the cascade of blonde hair from Shaina's face while pulling her head down and kissing her again. Shaina's tongue explored Stacy's lips, darting into her mouth. She lightly bit at her lower lip and Stacy moaned softly. Her legs were spread open and her hips lifted towards Shaina's. Stacy's fingers slid down Shaina's stomach to the lace waistband of her thong. She slid her finger tips under the material then pulled then back out and slid her hand further down, teasing against Shaina's clit through the smooth fabric.  
Shaina kissed Stacy harder then moved her mouth to her breasts, sucking lightly on first the right nipple then the left.
Stacy's back arched against her and her fingers slipped under the thong, rubbing Shaina's bare skin.  Her fingers slipped around her clit, then inside her and back out, two fingers slipping back and forth on Shaina's wet pussy.
Shaina's lips moved from Stacy's nipple to her stomach Where her tongue flicked playfully against the barbell through her bellybutton. Stacy giggled and their eyes met as Shaina slipped off of her onto her knees on the floor in front of the couch. Stacy's hands ran through the waves of Shaina's blonde hair, pulling it slightly as Shaina's fingers first teased and rubbed against her pussy through the silky material, then slipped under the waistband of the little shorts style panties Stacy was wearing.  She lifted her hips so they could easily slide off and they fell to the floor nearby.  
Shaina's fingers slipped between Stacy's legs, over the tiny strip of hair she had strategically left when she had shaved everything else. Her fingers were rubbing between her wet pussy lips, they slipped inside and back out. Stacy moaned and opened her legs wider.
Shaina licked her lips and met Stacy's eyes again before she lowered her head and began tracing her tongue along the V where Stacy's leg and the smooth skin above her vulva. Her fingers slid into her wet pussy and she playfully began to kiss and nibble at her inbred thighs. Stacy's curvy leg fell open further against the other girls touch.  She sighed in anticipation as Shaina moved closer to the sweet spot.
When Shaina's lips finally connected with Stacy's clit she felt Stacy's entire body melt against her. Stacy's hands gripped Shaina's hair harder as Shaina's tongue circled slowly, her fingers working deeper and deeper into her. She parted her pink lips with her free hand and her tongue darted back and forth, tasting how wet Stacy was getting as her pussy began to tighten. Her back arched and she pulled Shaina's face in harder.
"oh fuck yes don't stop," she moaned.  Shainas responded by sucking harder, her lips and tongue worshiping the other girls clit and her fingers pounded her harder. She felt her beginning to cum and felt Stacy grabbing harder at her hair. Her clit throbbed in her mouth and her pussy at once tightened and gushed against Shainas fingers. Shaina kept her lips against Stacy's clit as she rocked against her face, Stacy came hard and cried out.
"Oh fuck..." she breathed.
Shaina's tongue was lower now, tasting Stacy's cum and flicking into her slowly. She kept her fingers on the other girls clit, rubbing softy. Stacy moaned again in pleasure and let go of Shaina’s hair.
Shaina's lips trailed up Stacy's stomach to the space between her breasts. She moved to one nipple then the other.
Stacy cupped her hands around Shaina's face and pulled her towards her. She kissed her hard, more aggressively than before.  Her hands moved to Shaina's breasts and she cupped one, swirling her tongue around the pink nipple, sucking as Shaina began to breathe harder and pull her in.
Stacy pushed Shaina gently back and joined her on the floor, over her, held up by her arms so she could see her face.
"I cant wait any more," she whispered, winking with a glint in her eyes.  Her hands met Shainas and she held them against the floor over her head. She kissed her hard, first on the mouth darting her tongue between her lips. She exhaled onto Shainas neck, kissing and biting her softly, tracing the hollow of her throat with her tongue. She let her arms go and grabbed her tit, cupping it, teasing the nipple with her tongue. Her other hand was between Shainas legs, coaxing them apart pushing aside the white thong. Her fingers slipped into Shainas pussy and back out.
"Mmm you are so wet," Stacy purred. She licked her fingers and then pulled the thong down over Shainas hips.
"I am, your fault, mmm" shaina responded, "I like that."  her head tipped back against the carpeted floor.
Stacy was rubbing Shainas pussy hard, her fingers slipped in and out. She moved her mouth to the other nipple and flicked her tongue against it.
"oh fuck," Shaina moaned, her hand in Stacy's hair, the other on her thigh.
Stacy crawled backwards on the floor and lowered her head down. Shaina could see her ass up in the air and feel her breath against the soft curve of her inner thigh. Stacy's fingers slipped into Shainas pussy and she pushed the folds of skin apart and her tongue came against Shainas clit.
Shaina exhaled loudly, moaning as she felt Stacy's tongue tracing circles around her clit. She tilted her hips up and her hands wound into Stacy's hair.
Stacy traced her tongue from top to bottom, flicking her tongue into shaina, lightly at first, then staying to taste her, pumping her tongue in and out of her pussy while her fingers slipped over her clit.
she slid her fingers back into shaina and moved her mouth back to her clit. She sucked on it, flicking her tongue lightly, her fingers deep inside, curving up until she felt the swollen g spot.
Shaina cried out and moved her hips against Stacy's mouth.
"I'm cumming...." she gasped, "oh fuck yes I'm cumming."
Stacy flicked her tongue against Shaina's throbbing clit, still working her fingers inside her. Shaina gasped again as stacys mouth relaxed and her tongue slowed down. She looked up at her and then, her fingers still inside she crawled up over shaina and started kissing her.
they collapsed onto the floor, both breathing hard and speechless. Stacy twisted a strand o Shainas hair around her finger and kissed her again. She lowered her head down onto Shainas chest.
"Unreal" was all she could find to say.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Self Satisfaction

My hands toyed with the button on my jeans.  I could feel that familiar warmth in my pussy as it swelled and I rubbed it through the denim.  I undid the button and pulled the zipper down, sliding the jeans down and putting them on the floor.  My shirt was off already and absently swirled my fingers over my hard nipples.  
My fingers moved over the red cotton of the thong I was wearing and caressed against my swollen clit through the material.  I relaxed and lay back in my bed, leaning on three pillows and raised my knees so my feel were flat on the bed in front of me, my legs spread wide open.
I continued to rub my clit through the cotton, and I started to feel how wet I was getting with my fingers.  My hips lifted on their own as I lightly slapped my pussy.
I pulled the cotton to the side and my legs fell open further.
My fingers slid into my hole and back out again.  I moaned softly and pushed them back in.
With my other hand I toyed with my hard nipple.
My clit was swelling more and more, the top of my fingers was rubbing against it as they slid in and out of my pussy.  
My hand left my nipple and slid over my shaved skin to my clit.  My fingers circled around it, rubbing it while pushing the soft lips out of the way.  My fingers pressed hard against the swollen mound and I arched my back against the ecstasy of it.  I low moan escaped my lips and my fingers slid deeper into my pussy, harder.  I found the sweet spot high inside and paused on it, rubbing my cit harder as I raised my hips up.
Fuck yes, this was it, my hips moved rhythmically against my fingers and I rubbed my clit harder.
A wave of pleasure came over me and I felt my clit begin to pound against my fingers as my pussy tightened against the fingers on my other hand.  I came hard, gushed wet against my fingers and arched my back further.
Yes.... yes.

A First Between Friends

The First Time

I opened the door and gave Crystal a hug as she came in, her cheeks flushed from the chill outside.  She looked cute in her sweat pants and hoodie, carrying a gym bag full of club clothes and a magnum bottle of red wine.  She giggled and handed it to me,
“I had this at home, we might as well start with it while we get ready.”
I grabbed two glasses out of the kitchen and followed her through my bedroom into the walk in closet where we were going to pick out our clothes for the night.  
We had both done our hair and makeup, Crystal was playing up her steel blue eyes and full lips with smoky bedroom eyes and pink lipgloss.  I had lined my dark eyes and painted my lips red.
“You look hot,” she said tilting her head,
“Thanks!  You too Crys.”
She smiled and took a gulp of wine.  “This is exactly what I need right now.”  She grabbed a dress off a nearby hanger, “ohhh, this must be new.  Try it on, let me see!”
I pulled off my hoodie and sweat pants revealing my shiny tanned legs and tight stomach.
“Damn, girl, you have been working out.”  She playfully ran her fingers over my stomach, “you really do look hot.”
I smiled and looked away, suddenly feeling shy, “thanks.”
“Seriously.  Let’s see the dress!”
I stepped into the strapless, short, red dress and turned so she could help with the zipper.  The dress hugged the curve of my ass and tits, and brushed against my thighs.  “With thigh high boots?” I asked.
Crystal nodded and looked me over.  “Seriously, you look amazing.” She playfully squeezed my ass as rotated to show her the look.
I gulped back the last of my wine and giggled, “you think?”
Crystal filled the glasses again and waved the bottle at me “A bit more of this and I won’t be able to keep my hands off you.”
I blinked, and tilted my head in surprise.  “Really?”
Crystal flushed as she realized what she had said, “Well, I have been going through a dry spell since things ended with Ronnie.”
I laughed and grabbed her hand, “Oh well, if that’s it then.”
She smiled and looked at me, “You know I think you’re hot, that’s never been a secret.  Now what should I wear?”  She pulled the knot on her pants and they slid down over her hips exposing a white lace thong that perfectly outlined the top of her round ass and came to a symmetrical V shape just above her vulva.  She pulled off her shirt exposing her bare breasts and bent down to pick up a pink halter dress, “This one?”
I could feel myself starting to flush and my nipples hardened under my dress.  Maybe it was all the wine?
“Um, ya, try it,” I stuttered as she pulled the dress over her head and spun around to show me.
Her full breasts pulled together by the halter, soft cleavage spilling forward between the V of the dress.  She touched her breasts and then her hands slid down to her round hips.  “Is it too much?”  Crystal was always so shy about her full figure.
“Stunning,”  was all I could manage.
“Well, I’m glad you like it,”  She smiled.
Suddenly and impulsively I put down my glass and moved closer to her.  She was a bit shorter than me and I paused when I got up close, unsure how she would respond.  She tipped her face up toward me and I could see her tongue move across her lower lip in anticipation.  Our mouths met and suddenly I could feel her tongue against mine as my lips parted and took hers in.  Her pink lip gloss slid against my red stained lips and I could feel her breath speed up as she slid her hands through my hair and across the back of my neck.  I pulled back for a second and our eyes met.
She smiled shyly, “I guess you finally got the hint.”  I smiled back and kissed her again, harder.  She stepped forward, pushing her hips against mine and ran her hands down my lower back, over my ass and against the bare skin on the back of my thighs.  Her hands made their way under my dress and over my bare hips.  
I untied the halter top of her dress and it fell forward, exposing her bare breasts.  My lips met her hard nipples and I sucked lightly as she pushed against me, moaning and grabbing my hair as she arched her back.  

crystal pulled away and took my hand. She led me the few steps out of the walk in closet and over to my bed. I lifted my hair off my back as she reached for the zipper of my dress and carefully pulled it down. My dress slid off down exposing my red lace bra which crystal immediately snapped open exposing my hard nipples. She smiled at me as she dropped onto her knees in front of me and licked my pierced nipple softly. I moaned and shuddered as she sucked it harder and circled her tongue around the barbell.
"is that what you like?" she purred, squeezing my breast with one hand and sliding her hand down my dress which was bunched around ny waist. She moved her lips to my stomach and gently pushed me back on the bed. Crystal pulled the dress down past my ass as I lifted my hips.
"It definitely is," I breathed.
She rubbed my swollen clit through the silky lace of my thong and my back arched toward her in response. She smiled and our eyes met as she pulled the thong to the side and began teasing my bare skin. Her fingers slipped in and out of my pussy and I moaned in pleasure. Her lips came down firm against my clit and her tongue teased a circle around it. She pulled back for a second and I slid my thong off and dropped it to the floor. With two fingers she parted my lips exposing my clit and continued tracing circles around it, alternating the teasing with sucking it as the fingers of her other hand slid in and out of me.
I was getting close and i raised my hips up and pushed my pussy against her hot and hungry mouth. She sucked harder and her fingers moved faster as I came, my back aching against her.
She slowed down as my clit pulsed in her mouth and moved her fingers slowly inside my throbbing pussy. She wasn't done and her tongue wandered, flicking in and out of me, tasting me.  She moaned in pleasure and thrust her tongue inside me.
Breathless i reached down for her hand and she responded by moving up my body her lips on my stomach, breasts and then neck until our lips met and she kissed me hard.
"That was so fucking hot," she breathed between darting her tongue in and out of my mouth.
my hands found her hips and slid off the white thong as she crawled over me. Her knees were beside my ears and I reached up and started slowly rubbing her clit with my fingers, making my way back to her hole where I fingered the entrance. She was wet and my fingers easily slid in and out of her as my lips and tongue explored the soft folds of her until her clit, hard and swollen, pushed back against my tongue. I responded by flicking softly against it and when crystal moaned and rocked her hips against my face I sucked harder and swirled my tongue around in a circle.  She was rocking back and forth, showing me what she liked as I took her in, and thrust my fingers deep inside her, rubbing the swollen mound of her g-spot.
She moaned louder and pushed hard against me and I could feel my own body responding and starting to beg for more.  Her hips bucked as she came and she pushed her pussy harder against my mouth.  I took her in and my tongue flicked inside her and her salty come dripped down my face.
“You make me so wet,” she moaned.
“I can tell,” I responded into her pussy, “I guess you liked that.”  My tongue was still exploring her and she rubbed against me softly and rhythmically.
She lifted herself onto her knees and stitched the sides of my head they were on.  He ass was in the air as her tongue and lips explored down my stomach, back to my pussy.  I moaned and thrust my tongue deeper into her.  Her lips found my clit and her fingers thrust into my hole.  My knees were raised and I lifted my hips against her, moaning as her hand cupping around my ass to take me in.  She ground her pussy against me as she licked and sucked my clit, moaning loudly.  
I was getting wetter and wetter as her fingers slid inside me, two, then three trust in and out.  
My hips responded and started to move with the motion of her tongue.  Hers did the same and I felt her getting wet again.  She moved her clit against my tongue and pushed against my mouth.  I sucked on her pussy and she moaned and her lips gripped my clit harder.  
I was going to cum again.  My legs spread apart and she took me in, spreading my pussy lips with two fingers while the fingers on her other hand slid in harder and harder, her fingers curving against the mound of my g-spot.  I felt her pussy start to throb as she got close to cumming too.  
My knees curled up and I spread my pussy open further to her as I started to cum again.  It was more intense this time, my whole body shook as she opened her mouth wider against my clit and I felt her tongue against me.  As I was cumming her clit throbbed harder and I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers.  We both moaned and came hard, my orgasm coursed through my body again and again and I slowed down the motion of my tongue against her clit as she relaxed.
Crystal sighed happily and rolled off of me swinging her legs to the side and resting her head against my stomach.
“I soooo needed that,” she giggled, toying with my nipple.
I closed my eyes, “I don’t think I can move.”
We both laughed.  I stretched my arms up absent minded over my head and draped them over the edge of the bed.  Her feet were up near my hands and she kicked me playfully, “do you still want to go to the club?  It could be really fun!”
“Ya, let’s go,” I was suddenly energised.
She jumped up and poured the rest of the wine into our glasses and brought me one.  “To good times and good friends.”
“And good wine!”
Our glasses clicked softly together and we smiled at each other.

First Date

He looked me up and down and absent mindedly liked his lips. "You were cheating," he smiled and lifted his chin toward the pink high heeled pumps I had kicked off near the door to the kitchen.
I smiled, "maybe." I stepped back and ran into the kitchen counter, feeling suddenly shy under his stare.
He had a serious looking face, full lips and dark skin, and a shaved head. My eyes were even with his broad, hard chest once I took my shoes off.
“Do you want anything?” I asked as I threw my coat onto the kitchen table and then waled back over to where he was standing.
“I sure do.”  
Suddenly he stepped toward me and pulled my hips close to his. He kissed me hard and then pulled back just as suddenly and lifted me onto the counter.  
I gasped in surprise and spread my legs so he could come in closer. He did and kissed me again, his lips trailing from my own lips to my neck to my shoulder where the strap of my dress had fallen onto my arm.
His hand was on my thigh suddenly, drifting up, seeing how far I would let him go.
"As far as you want," I breathed into his kiss.
"Yeah?" he looked at me, amused, and I blushed. He stepped back at looked at me. "damn you are so sexy." I knew that the way I was sitting he could see the silky purple thong I had on under my dress, and I knew if he was looking close enough he could see how wet I was getting through the material.
I was about to move forward and get down from the counter when his lips were on me again.  He pulled back my long dark hair from my shoulders and traced my neck down to my collar bones and over to my shoulders with his lips.  I shivered in pleasure and found my hands toying with the belt loops on his pants.  He pulled me close to the edge of the counter and pressed himself against me.  I could feel how hard he was through his jeans.
His hands were on my thighs again, grabbing my smooth skin and teasing higher as he kissed me.  His hands found my silky thong and started flicking his fingers over my clit.  I moaned and bent my leg, lifting my foot onto the counter.  He pulled down my dress exposing my hard nipples.  Immediately his mouth was on one, then the other and I arched my back toward him, fumbling with the buttons on his shirt.  They popped open and he struggled out of the shirt and it slid to the floor.  
Both his hands made their way up my skirt and tugged at my thong, easing it down.  I could feel my pussy dripping with anticipation and his fingers were back on me, he slid them into me and back out rhythmically, and rubbed my clit around in circles.
I was fumbling with the buckle on pants as he went from kissing my mouth to my neck and my breasts and then he eased my dress up over my hips and pulled me towards him.  
He started slow, kissing and licking my shaved mound, teasing me.  I could feel my pussy getting wetter, hungrier, begging him.  He spread apart my lips with his fingers and licked me once before his mouth moved back to my clit.  He was circling his tongue around my clit and moving his fingers in and out of me.  
I moaned and arched against him, “holy shit!  Oh yes...” I could barely breathe and I rubbed my nipples and closed my eyes.
Then his tongue flicked inside me, tasting me, and he pulled off his jeans with his free hand.
His lips were on my stomach as he pulled my dress over my head.  
I looked down and he stood there naked, his hand on his cock.  It was curved up, thick and hard, waiting.  He grabbed my hips and pulled me to the edge of the counter.  I felt him push against me.  I was extremely wet and pushed back against him and we both moaned as he slid into my pussy.  We paused and he gripped my ass.  He moved against me thrusting slowly.  I moaned as the head of his cock rubbed against my g-spot.
“Oh yes, fuck me,” I whispered.  He obliged, pounding me harder and grabbing my tits with one hand, his other teasing around my asshole.  As his finger slipped inside I started to come, arching my back as my pussy gripped his cock.  My legs spread further and I pushed my clit against the base of his cock, rocking back and forth against him as I came.  
He slowed down as my legs relaxed and I shivered against him.
“Did you like that?” He whispered into my inviting mouth.
“You are amazing,” I breathed.
I pushed him back and got off the counter, one of my hands on his cock, the other on his chest, tweaking his nipple.  “Mmmm.”
I bent down and swirled my tongue around the head of his penis, rubbing the shaft with my hand.  It was covered in my come and my hand slid up and down.  His hand was on the back of my head and I dropped to my knees in front of him.  I took all of him in, still teasing my tongue around in circles.  My hand twisted back and forth as I pulled him out of my mouth and I ran it along the full length of him.  He pushed himself back into my mouth and I moaned.  I could taste myself, the remains of my strawberry lip-gloss and him as I slid him in and out of my mouth.  I started to suck a little bit harder on the tip as I cupped my hand over his balls.  He moaned and arched back as I looked up at him, his cock in my mouth.  I could feel him swelling more and taste the first of his precum.  I pulled him into my mouth and moaned, knowing what was going to happen.  He came hard in my mouth grunting and pulling my hair as he thrust against me once.  I tasted his cum and it slid down my throat.  I kept his cock in my mouth as it throbbed and he didn’t let go of my hair.  He was silent and I pulled back, sliding my hand down him, and looked up at him.  
“Fuck,” was all he managed.
He grabbed my hand and led me into the living room.  I sat down on the white leather couch.
He didn’t say anything but grabbed my hips and eased me around onto my knees.  My hands found the back of the couch and my legs opened for him as his fingers rubbed back and forth against my wet pussy.  He started licking my pussy from behind, his fingers opening the lips.  He was on his knees behind me and I responded by pushing against him as his tongue found my clit and he began sucking on it.  I was getting wet again and I moaned, rocking my hips in the same motion as his tongue.  He responded by pulling my hips toward him.  I moaned loudly and my legs opened wider my back arching, I pushed my pussy against his face and he responded by licking and sucking harder.  I was coming again, his lips and tongue responded to my pulsing pussy by easing up, but still he didn’t stop.  His tongue was sliding in and out of me, licking my cum.  My hips mimicked the motion of his licking and I moaned as he started toying with my clit again.
“Fuck me again.” I breathed.
His fingers didn’t leave my clit as he stood up and started sliding his hard glistening cock against my pussy, teasing me.  My hips responded by rubbing against him.  He slid it back and deep inside me.  I moaned and my back tensed.  Fucking me from behind he filled me completely and I gripped the back of the couch and pushed back on him.  
“Do it, fuck me, oh yes fuck me....” I moaned.
“You like how I fuck you.”
“Yes... don’t stop,” I breathed.
He pounded me hard and his balls slapped against me.  His fingers were still toying with my clit and I was arching my back hard against him.  His thrusting sped up and I could feel my legs getting weaker as I got close to coming again.  He pulled his big cock almost out of me and pounded it back in, over and over.  My pussy was pulsating again as I came harder then any time I had come in my life.  I moaned loudly and my come dripped down his leg.  Suddenly he was coming too, his cock throbbed inside me and I cryed out again.  As my pussy pounded against his still throbbing cock he grabbed me harder, pulling my hips against him and thrust one last time.
We collapsed on the couch, breathless and shivering in pleasure.  
“That was amazing.” I finally said.  
“Fuck yes.” He breathed into my hair.